Programme Structure

One year = a lifetime of opportunity

Our full-time MBA programme is an intensive one-year programme that offers you the latest insights into the world of business and helps you develop the knowledge and concepts you need as a manager. The programme runs from September to August. Classes are scheduled Mondays to Fridays, from 9 am to 5.30 pm and take place at the Brussels campus.

Flexible 12 or 15 month programme

September - December  January - March  April - June 

Setting the stage

Managing Across Cultures
Optional Language Courses

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Managing the organization

Advanced management courses including Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Negotiation Skills, ...  

Knowledge in action: effecting change

Apply your knowledge and insights either to a strategic challenge within your own company or in developing your own business plan.  

Understanding the organization

Core courses including Accounting, Financial Management, International Business, and others.  


Your choice of local or international elective modules.  

International study trip

Three-week immersion in US business environment, including a trip to Sillicon Valley.  

Business Simulations

Boost your management skills via our business simulations that are continuously updated to incorporate new trends and developments.  


Choose advanced modules in the areas of Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Consulting, Marketing and Supply Chain. During these three week modules in-depth exercises are complemented by real-life company challenges.  

Experiential learning project

In-company project
Global social project

Eight-week project working in either a for profit company or an NGO or social enterprise.  

July - August September - November

Completing the cycle

Complete the cycle with the corporate strategy, innovation management and change management courses.

Expand your opportunities

Internship: add the experience of an internship in a global company.
Or study trip to China: after the formal programme, immerse yourself in one of world's fastest growing economies and enhance your MBA with an experience in China.


All students graduate together in their cohort.

Before the start of the programme we provide web-based learning to get you ready for the MBA and optional language courses to give you a head start in the job market. The first half of the programme is built around 16 required courses, which provide you with a solid understanding of the key management disciplines. In addition, we offer you a range of innovative electives to suit your needs. The next stage of the programme allows you to apply and integrate the knowledge you acquired during the courses and electives. You will play IMEx, go on an international study trip and start your own project. The programme concludes with 3 courses to complete your management cycle.

Throughout the programme we will support your individual and career development to help you realise your full potential and achieve your objectives.

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