Astrid Vandenbroucke


Astrid Vandenbroucke obtained a Master degree in Linguistics and Literature and a Master in Business Economics (2016) at Ghent University. As from August 2016, she works as Research Associate for the Area People & Organisation at Vlerick Business School. Her research mainly focuses on the trends and challenges in talent management.

At Vlerick, she coordinates the Centre for Excellence in Strategic Talent Management and several master programmes such as EHRM (European Human Resource Management Programme) and MY VDP (My Vlerick Development Portfolio).


Job Title : Researcher

Management Domain
People Management & Leadership

Expert in
Strategic Talent Management
People Performance
Career Management


Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Vandenbroucke A.  2016. Manage jezelf: overwin burn-out. HR Magazine, (December): 28-31.

Research reports

  • Buyens D. Vandenbroucke A.  2017. Agility in today's dynamic business environment. Part 1: agility in search of the origin and conceptual clarity. (22 p.)