Bjorn Cumps


Bjorn Cumps is Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School. He obtained his master degree in Commercial Engineering at KU Leuven in 2003. In 2007 he became Doctor in Applied Economic Sciences at KU Leuven after successfully defending his thesis on Business-ICT Alignment Practices & Determinants. After obtaining his PhD he held positions as Internal Advisor and Branch Manager at KBC Bank and Insurance. At KBC Group he participated in both local and international projects and programmes on process management, operational excellence and enterprise architecture. He was also part of the core team of people responsible for the development and implementation of the new banking branch business model. The last two years at KBC Bank he was responsible for a medium-sized branch as Branch Manager. At Vlerick Bjorn is now part of the Operations & Technology Management Area, where he further develops the track on enterprise architecture. He is also part of the Vlerick Centre for Financial Services, where he is responsible for the research track on financial services operations. His research interests include business-ICT alignment, management of ICT, enterprise architecture, mobile technologies, new media and how these all impact business models & operations.


Job Title : Professor of Management Practice

Management Domain
Digital Transformation
Financial Services Management


Expert in
ICT Management
Business-IT Alignment
Enterprise Architecture
Financial Services Operations
Mobile Technologies