Caroline Baert


Caroline Baert obtained a master degree in Business Communication at Ghent University and initially joined Vlerick Business School as a researcher, conducting research for business on business model innovation. She is currently a PhD candidate at Vlerick Business School, conducting academic research projects within the strategic management knowledge domain. Her research interests lie at the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation. Her PhD research focuses on managerial cognition and strategic change in the context of disruptive innovation.


Job Title : Doctoral Researcher

Management Domain

Expert in
Strategic innovation
Market strategy and innovation
Design as a Strategic Resource
Customer Decision Journey


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Baert C. Meuleman M. Debruyne M. Wright M.  forthcoming. Portfolio Entrepreneurship and Resource Orchestration. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal,

Conference Presentations

  • Baert C.  2017. An innovative illustration of strategy text and talk put use in qualitative research. Paper presented at European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, February 7-10, Leuven, Belgium.

  • Baert C. Debruyne M.  2016. Framing strategic organizational change. Paper presented at 11th colloquium on organizational change and development, September 9-10, Vienna, Austria.

  • Baert C. Meuleman M. Debruyne M. Van Dyck W.  2012. A dynamic learning perspective of portfolio entrepreneurship in nascent markets. Paper presented at RENT XXVI conference: Research in Entrepreneurship and small business, November 21-23, Lyon, France.

Conference Proceedings

Doctoral dissertation

  • Baert C.  2017. The impact of cognition on strategic outcomes. Ghent University (Promotor: Debruyne M.).

Research reports

Vlerick cases

  • Muylle S. Baert C. Debruyne M.  2013. Innovation for sustainable, profitable growth at Barry Callebaut. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 513-072-1 (C) + 513-072-8 (TN).

  • Debruyne M. Baert C.  2011. Ready to take the plunge? Introducing Agfa HealthCare’s healthcare IT solutions in Spain. ECCH Case Study. Reference no. 311-207-1 (C) + 311-207-8 (TN).