Fredrik Hacklin is Professor of Entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School and Managing Director of the Corporate Innovation Lab. He further serves as Associate Professor (PD) of Entrepreneurship at ETH Zurich. Previously, he was a Fellow at Harvard University and a strategy consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton (today Strategy&, PwC). He has held visiting positions at Stanford University, Imperial College Business School, ESMT Berlin, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Keio University and Aalto University.

His research, teaching and advisory activities are in the field of strategic entrepreneurship and innovation, which particular focus on challenges associated with digital disruption, industry reconfiguration and their implications for firm strategy. His results have appeared in various outlets and he is author of the book Management of Convergence in Innovation (2008). He has worked with companies such as ABB, Bang & Olufsen, Clariant, Deutsche Telekom, DHL, Ericsson, MTS, Nokia and TeliaSonera. He is recipient of the annual research award by the Nokia–AlcatelLucent Foundation for Communications Research, for his work on ICT industry convergence. His article “Strategic choices in converging industries” (MIT Sloan Management Review, 2013) was selected “Top Strategy Article” by the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Fredrik holds a PhD in management from ETH Zurich, an MSc in computer science from KTH Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, and a BSc in computer science and physics from RWTH Aachen. He is a member of the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society as well as a founding member of the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership Europe.


Job Title : Professor of Entrepreneurship

Management Domain
Innovation Management
Digital Transformation

Expert in
Strategic innovation
Business models


Articles in refereed journals with impact

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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Conference Presentations

  • Ecaterina P. Hacklin F. Battistini B.  2017. The strategic value of corporate venture capital investments. Paper presented at 77th Academy of Management (AOM) Conference, August 4-8, Atlanta, United States.