Ian McKillop


Professor Dr Ian McKillop is a faculty member at the University of Waterloo where he holds the JW Graham Research Chair in Health Information Systems and also has a senior administrative position in the university’s Office of Research. Prof Dr Ian McKillop is a specialist in the design, implementation and use of advanced financial information systems, with a particular interest in security and information management issues in banking and healthcare settings. His career as a professor has taken him around the world, including periods spent living in France and Sweden. He is a regular facilitator at the European Summer School for Advanced Studies in Management held each year in Denmark. He has been involved with projects and/or professional development activities for many organizations including Ontario Hydro, NCR, Clarica (formerly Mutual Life), Manulife, CIBC, Royal Bank, Bank of Nova Scotia, Bank of Montreal and the Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Below you will find an overview of Ian Mckillop's most recent publications.

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Job Title : Visiting Professor BIMBA


Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Markel F. McGillis H. Mckillop I. Pink GH  2004. Evaluating the Hospital Specific Financial Performance of Ontario?s Emergency Room, Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care Services,?. Hospital Report 2003,

  • Pink GH Murray M. Mckillop I.  2003. Hospital Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction?. Health Services Management Research, 16(1): 24-38.

Book Chapters

  • Mckillop I.  2004. Financial Rules as a Catalyst for Change in the Canadian Health Care System?. In: Ed. Changing health care in Canada (pp. 54-81).