Jacob Vermeire


Jacob Vermeire is a doctoral researcher at Vlerick Business School. He holds a Master in Industrial Psychology and Personnel Management from Ghent University (2009). Jacob’s research area is entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on micro-businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. In respect of his doctoral research, Jacob together with his family moved to a rural area of South Africa (2015) to do research on the impact of entrepreneurship on poverty. He has presented his work at various international conferences such as Academy of Management Annual Meeting and Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Recently, Jacob also published some of his work in Journal of Management Studies and Africa Journal of Management.


Job Title : Doctoral Research Associate

Management Domain

Expert in
Micro-businesses in sub-Saharan Africa
Entrepreneurship and Poverty
Entrepreneurship and Time Perception


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Vermeire J. Bruton G. Cai L.  forthcoming. Global Value Chains in Africa and Development of Opportunities by Poor Landholders. Review of Social Economy,

  • Vermeire J. Bruton G.  forthcoming. Entrepreneurial opportunities and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa: A review & agenda for the future. Africa Journal of Management,

  • Collewaert V. Anseel F. Crommelinck M. De Beuckelaere A. Vermeire J.  2016. When Passion Fades: Disentangling the Temporal Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Passion for Founding. Journal of Management Studies, 53(6): 966-995.

Book Chapters

  • Lepoutre J. Vermeire J. Tilleuil O. Crijns H.  2011. Tien jaar GEM: Wat hebben we geleerd?. In: Clarysse B. Ondernemen tussen wetenschap en beleid in Vlaanderen: inzichten van vijf jaar Steunpunt Ondernemen en Internationaal Ondernemen (pp. 139-161).

Conference Presentations

  • Vermeire J. Lepoutre J. Meuleman M.  2016. Financialization in the rough: The role of social identity and the meaning of money in explaining the use of microfinance loans among rural South African firm founders. Paper presented at 32nd EGOS Colloquium, July 7-9, Naples, Italy.

  • Vermeire J. Meuleman M.  2016. Opportunity Evaluation At The Bottom Of The Pyramid: Beyond Rule-based Reasoning. Paper presented at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 8-11, Bodø, Norway.

  • Vermeire J.  2016. Opportunity Origination: A Reconciliation Of The Creation And Discovery Perspective By Applying A Temporal Lens. Paper presented at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 8-11, Bodø, Norway.

  • Vermeire J. Meuleman M.  2016. The Temporal Nature of Opportunities: A Reconciliation of the Creation and Discovery Perspective by Applying a Temporal Lens. Paper presented at 9th annual PhD Day of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, May 19-19, Ghent, Belgium.

  • Vermeire J. Meuleman M.  2015. The Role of Temporal Cognitions in the Entrepreneurial Process. Paper presented at The 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 7-11, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Vermeire J. Meuleman M.  2014. The role of future time perspective in explaining entrepreneurial involvement of individuals across countries. Paper presented at Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, June 4-7, London, Canada.

  • Vermeire J. Meuleman M. Lens W.  2014. Future time perspective and small business growth in developing regions. Paper presented at Africa Academy of Management 2nd Biennial Conference Botswana, January 8-11, Gaborone, Botswana.

  • Vermeire J.  2012. Dealing with time conflicts: implications of different time perspectives for western organizations in sub-Saharan Africa. Paper presented at 6th conference of the Africa Platform of Ghent University Association on Africa & (post)-development, December 7-7,

  • Vermeire J. Lepoutre J. Cobben M.  2011. Entrepreneurship education in elementary school: does it make sense?. Paper presented at Academy Of Management Annual Meeting, August 12, San Antonio, Texas, United States.

  • Vermeire J. Lepoutre J. Cools E.  2011. Entrepreneurship education in elementary school: Does it make sense?. Paper presented at 2nd Belgian Entrepreneurship Research Day, May 9-9, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Conference Proceedings

  • Vermeire J. Lepoutre J. Meuleman M.  2017. Family or founder? The role of social identity in explaining the use of microloans. (pp. 1-1). Atlanta:

  • Vermeire J. Lepoutre J. Cools E.  2011. A new model of entrepreneurial behaviour: Early predictors of entrepreneurial competencies and the impact of entrepreneurship education.. In: Vanthournout G. Coertjens L. Donche V. Gijbels D. Evans C. Cools E. Pedrosa De Jesus M. Developing learning within and across disciplines: evidence from research and practice. Antwerpen:

Doctoral dissertation

  • Vermeire J.  2017. Understanding microfoundations of entrepreneurship development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ghent University (Promotor: Meuleman M.).

Research reports

  • Vermeire J. Collewaert V.  2014. Alles wat u nog niet wist over passie bij ondernemers. Flanders DC. (47 p.)

  • Vermeire J. Lepoutre J. Cools E.  2012. Zit de nieuwe Steve Jobs in de klas? Naar een betekenisvol stimuleren van ondernemingszin in het basisonderwijs. Flanders DC. (75 p.)

  • Vermeire J. Van den Berghe W. Meuleman M. Lepoutre J.  2012. Stimuleren van ondernemerschap in het secundair onderwijs een verdieping van Effecto. Flanders DC. (79 p.)