Joachim Van den Bergh


Joachim Van den Bergh holds a master degree in Commercial Engineering option Strategic Management (University of Antwerp). Since September 2006, he works as a senior research associate at Vlerick Business School in the Technology & Operations Management Area. His main research and teaching interests are focused on digital transformation and innovation, smart cities, eGovernment, and business process management. In short: customer and citizen value creation through people, processes and technology. Joachim has been managing the Centre for Excellence in Business Transformation and currently develops Vlerick’s strategic focus area, Digital Transformation. He is in charge of Vlerick’s smart city research programme.


Job Title : Senior Researcher

Management Domain
Digital Transformation

Expert in
Business Process Management
ICT Management
Business-IT Alignment
Process innovation
Set-up of a Process Support Organisation
Digital Transformation
Digital Innovation
Smart Cities


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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Research reports

Vlerick cases

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Vlerick working papers