Karolien Dekoster


Driven to discover and attune parties’ deeper interests and passionate about developing creative solutions to your negotiation and mediation conundrums, Karolien guides you on your journey towards Negotiation Intelligence® (NQ®).
Her expertise is built on three pillars:

  • As manager of the Vlerick Negotiation Centre, she helps companies to broker agreements, to maximise their influence to develop common ground and co-creation opportunities, and to use diversity and complexity to their advantage. Lecturing on topics such as interest-based negotiations, creative option generation and communication skills, she draws on her unique background, with Masters in Philosophy, International Politics and Management from KU Leuven and Vlerick and a postgraduate degree in Mediation in Governmental Affairs.
  • As an executive coach, she focusses on negotiation, leadership development and conflict resolution, helping you boost your job efficacy and at the same time helping you reach personal mastery. Specialising in the niche branches of new social relations negotiations (unions) and leadership simulations, she coaches internationally within Europe for clients ranging from master students, to middle managers and c-level executives.
  • As a research associate, she has co-developed the innovative NQ-Scan®, the only 360° feedback instrument designed to measure Negotiation Intelligence® and its accompanying NQ® Personal Report, NQ® Development Path and NQ® Team Report. Her latest accomplishment is the design of an interactive online negotiation learning journey, whisking you away to conceive unconventional solutions to save Yellow Swamps…

Next to her current research, Karolien also has a strong interest in the way minorities –more specifically women- create self-empowering identities stemming from gender-based attributes such as emotions, and this mainly within a peace-building and climate change context.


Job Title : Manager Vlerick Negotation Centre & Executive Coach

Management Domain
People Management & Leadership


Expert in
Negotiation intelligence®
Post M&A hurdles for increased productivity, synergy and innovation
Intercultural negotiation and conflict
Partnerships, mediation and decision-making in multi-level and multi-party negotiations
NQ® and new social relations