Katia Tieleman


Katia Tieleman is Professor in Negotiation and Conflict Management at Vlerick Business School and a leading authority in the field of negotiations. She is affiliated with the Harvard Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. For her high impact interventions, Katia draws from her sophisticated academic background as well as from her rich experience as a practitioner.

Katia is the author of the Negotiation Intelligence® (NQ®) approach, enabling to screen individual, team and company negotiation capabilities and providing the concept and tools to boost individual and organisational negotiation and cooperation capabilities. As such she helps clients to develop their personal skills and their organisational strengths, and supports them to broker agreements, to maximise their influence, to develop common ground within and across organisations and to use diversity and complexity to their advantage.

As an international Trainer, Adviser and Coach in the field of negotiation, conflict management, influencing skills, mediation, (intercultural) cooperation, leadership and coaching, she has worked with a variety of international corporations, amongst which a number of Fortune 500 companies and international organisations such as the UN, the OECD, the European Union and the World Bank.

Katia received her PhD from the distinguished European University Institute in Florence, Italy, set up by the EU member states to competitively select PhD students across Europe, with the first analysis of the failure of the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. She lived and worked in a variety of countries in Europe, Asia and North and South America and speaks 6 languages.


Expert in
Conflict Management
Cooperation and Innovation
M&A Negotiations
Social Relations