Koen Tackx


Koen Tackx is a Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School in strategy and marketing. His industry focus includes energy, financial services and telecommunications. After a corporate career of 20 years, he graduated as a PhD in 2015 on a dissertation titled “fair process perspectives on strategy creation” at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management. His strategy research mainly focusses on how co-creation can enhance the strategy creation process and how the application of fair process can be beneficial in different domains like international business and performance management. In the marketing domain his main research interest is how to balance between value creation and value capturing and how different strategies can influence this balance. He presented papers at major conferences like the Strategic Management Society Annual Conference and the British Academy of Management.


Job Title : Professor of Management Practice

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales


Teaching in
Masters in Marketing and Digital Transformation
Future Power Grid Managers Programme

Expert in
Marketing Strategy
Telecommunication and internet networks
Product Management
Corporate strategy
Marketing & Sales
Value Creation