Olga Varganova


Olga Varganova is a researcher in the Technology & Operations Management Area at Vlerick Business School. She graduated from National Technical University ‘’Kiev Polytechnic Institute’’ (Ukraine) in 2014, where she obtained a Master degree in Energy Management. Additionally, she obtained a Master degree in Environmental Engineering (Energy and Environmental Technology) from Telemark University College (2013-2015), Norway. As a result of the study her Master’s thesis was dedicated to the performance of innovative greenhouse solutions for urban food production. After her studies, she did internships in the Energy Service Company and Engineering Company UTC (Ukraine), deepening her knowledge in Energy Management domain and biogas production. Her current research is focused on Supply Chain Management and Energy Management under the umbrella of Eandis Chair.


Job Title : Research Associate

Management Domain
Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Energy Management


Vlerick cases

  • Varganova O. Samii B.  2017. Developing a Smart Meter Sourcing Strategy at Eandis. The Case Centre Case Study. Reference no. 617-0055-1 (C) + 617-0055-8 (TN).

  • Varganova O. Samii B.  2017. Incorporating New Business Opportunities at Eandis. The Case Centre Case Study. Reference no. 617-0021-1 (C) + 617-0021-8 (TN).