Roland Van Dierdonck


Professor Roland Van Dierdonck is Emeritus Professor at Vlerick Business School.
Prof Dr Em Roland Van Dierdonck is Civil and Industrial Engineer (Ghent University) and Doctor in Business Administration, Harvard University (USA). Professor Van Dierdonck has been dean at Vlerick Business School during a period of 10 years.
Before his deanship he was an assistant-professor at IMD, Lausanne, visiting research scholar at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA) and visiting professor at INSEAD (France) and Rotterdam School of Management (The Netherlands) and various other schools and universities. His main research interests are supply chain management, manufacturing strategy and service operations management.


Job Title : Emeritus Professor

Management Domain
Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Manufacturing Strategy
Operations & Supply Chain Management
Service Operations Management
Supply chain management


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Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Book Chapters

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Conference Presentations

  • Boute R. Serneels S. Van Dierdonck R. Vereecke A.  2008. The Supply Chain Organisational Structure. Paper presented at POMS 19th. Annual Conference, May 9-12, La Jolla, California, United States.

Conference Proceedings

  • Vereecke A. De Meyer A. Van Dierdonck R.  2008. The strategic role of the plant in international networks: a longitudinal study. Groningen:

  • Gemmel P. Vereecke A. Van Dierdonck R.  1999. A theoretical framework of international operations networks in pure service industries. (pp. 545-560). Venice: Universidad de Sevilla.

Research reports

  • Buyens D. Van Dierdonck R. Van de Velde S. Brysse I. Vanpoucke E.  2004. Studie naar de kantoorpolitiek van bedrijven in België. 

  • Sleuwaegen L. Van Dierdonck R. Vandenbroere I. Minne V. Dereuwe G.  2002. Europese distributiecentra en value added activities in Vlaanderen: economische betekenis en concurrentiepositie. (215 p.)

Vlerick working papers