Samson Yemane Hadush


Samson Y. Hadush is a post-doctoral researcher at the Energy Centre of Vlerick Business School. His expertise domain covers the policy, regulatory and business dimensions of the energy sector. He obtained his PhD in 2014 from the electrical engineering department of KU Leuven in Belgium. In 2007, he was awarded the Erasmus Mundus scholarship to study Economics and Management of Network Industries which is a joint master programme offered by the University of Comillas in Spain, TU Delft in the Netherlands and Paris Sud XI in France. During the final semester of this programme, he served as a research assistant at the Florence School of Regulation in Italy. He remains affiliated with Mekelle University in Ethiopia where he has served as a graduate assistant and lecturer. He is a member of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA) and the expert board of the African Diaspora Network in Europe (ADNE). He actively follows the developments in the African energy sector and the ‘sustainable energy for all’ movement. He also contributes to the social forum initiative of Vlerick Business School which promotes social entrepreneurship in developing countries, including access to modern and clean energy.


Job Title : Postdoctoral Researcher

Management Domain

Expert in
Energy Markets
European Energy Policy
Power system modelling
Infrastructure regulation
Renewable Energy
Energy Access


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Hadush S. De Jonghe C. Belmans R.  2014. The effect of welfare distribution and cost allocation on offshore grid design. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, (Special issue)

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Hadush S. De Jonghe C. Belmans R.  2015. The implication of the European inter-TSO compensation mechanism for cross-border electricity transmission investments. International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 73(December): 674-683.

Book Chapters

  • Meeus L. Hadush S. Momber I.  2016. Regulation of smart grids. In: Liu C. Ed. Smart Grid Handbook John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Conference Presentations

  • Huang D. Hadush S. Belmans R.  2014. Implication of non-harmonized regulatory regimes on cross-border electricity transmission investment. Paper presented at the 9th Conference on Energy Economics and Technology "A European Energy Market?, April 11-11, Dresden, the Netherlands.

  • Hadush S. De Jonghe C. Belmans R.  2013. Implication of European ITC mechanism on cross-border investment. Paper presented at the 13th European IAEE Conference, August 18-21, Dusseldorf, Germany.

Conference Proceedings

  • Hadush S. Belmans R.  2012. Offshore wind power generation and transmission tariff design options. (pp. 1-8). Florence:

  • Hadush S. Buijs P. Belmans R.  2011. Locational signals in electricity market design: do they really matter?. (pp. 622-627). Zagreb:

Doctoral dissertation

  • Hadush S.  2014. Cross-border cost allocation: application of beneficiary pays principle to electricity transmission investments. KU Leuven

Research reports

  • Meeus L. Hadush S.  2015. Emerging regulatory practice for new business related to distribution grids. Vlerick Energy Centre. (6 p.)

  • Momber I. Tackx K. Hadush S. Meeus L.  2015. White Paper: who will lead the energy market in 2030?. Vlerick Energy Centre. (19 p.)

Vlerick cases

  • Debruyne M. Meeus L. Hadush S.  2017. Alliander: Power to the People. The Case Centre Case Study. Reference no. 317-0240-1 (C) + 317-0240-1B (C) + 317-0240-1C (C) + 317-0240-8 (TN).

Vlerick working papers

  • Hadush S. Buijs P. Belmans R.  2010. Review of transmission tariff methods and practices in Europe. 2010