Steven Van Belleghem


Steven Van Belleghem is Adjunct Professor at Vlerick Business School and Managing Partner at B-conversational. Steven's interests and specialities focus on Conversation management, word-of-mouth, market research, consumer trends, brand activation, social media, communities, co-creation. He is the author of the books 'The Conversation Manager' and 'The Conversation Company'.
Steven is one of Europe's thought leaders in the field of social media, conversations and digital marketing. Throughout his career, Steven has studied the impact of digital and social media on consumers and organizations. He uses this this knowledge to inspire and facilitate companies to adapt their existing approach to today’s reality. Over the years, Steven has hosted hundreds of workshops for top and middle management to help them with their conversation strategy. Steven loves to share his vision through inspiring papers and presentations. He also likes to share on his Slideshare page, which is one of the most successful pages in the world.
Steven is an experienced speaker at national and international conferences. He has received several best speaker awards over the years. His speaking style is often described as motivational, pragmatic and very enthusiastic.
Today, Steven runs his own inspiration & coaching company, B-Conversational, whose aim is to help companies evolve into Conversation Companies. Instead of implementing an “omniscient guru approach”, a process of co-creation is used to shape the future strategy of the client company (or business unit). Steven combines his own expertise with the internal know-how and vision of the client company in order to co-create a new strategy.


Job Title : Adjunct Professor

Management Domain
Marketing & Sales


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Masters in Marketing and Digital Transformation

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Marketing & Sales
Conversation Management