Tom Van Steendam


Tom Van Steendam is a senior researcher in the Technology & Operations Management Area at Vlerick Business School. He graduated from Ghent University in 2011, where he obtained a master degree in both Linguistics & Literature and Business Economics. The year after, he graduated from the Masters in General Management at Vlerick Business School, where his in-company project on operations & supply chain obtained the award for best project. At Vlerick, he has been contributing in research projects within the Centre of Supply Chain Management and within the field of Operations Management. He conducted research projects on the healthcare supply chain, forecasting & planning, operational excellence, and leveraging the supply chain for growth. His current research is focussed on NexTrust, an EU-commissioned international project on building sustainable logistics through horizontal supply chain collaboration. In addition to his research, Tom is heavily involved in teaching management integration courses to both Masters and MBAs and coaching of in-company projects.


Job Title : Senior Researcher

Management Domain
Operations & Supply Chain Management

Expert in
Healthcare management
Operations & Supply Chain Management


Articles in other (un)refereed journals

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Conference Presentations

  • Vereecke A. Van Steendam T. Van den Broeke M. Waterinckx A.  2015. The Supply Chain - An Engine For Profitable Growth. Paper presented at POMS 26th Annual Conference, May 8-11, Washington D.C., United States.

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Research reports

  • Boute R. Van Steendam T. de Leeuw S. Dullaert W. Inghels D. Shabani A.  2016. Measuring the sustainable impact of horizontal supply chain collaborations: overview and recommendation of gain sharing methodologies and KPI measurement for GHG emissions. (42 p.)

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Vlerick cases

  • Boute R. Van Steendam T. Creemers S.  2017. B-Kay Tech: Horizontal Collaboration in Logistics. Ivey Case Study. Reference no. 9B17D017 (C) + 8B17D017 (TN) + 5B17D017 (spreadsheet).