Yuliya Shymko


Yuliya Shymko is an Assistant Professor of Strategy at Vlerick Business School. She obtained bachelor’s and master’s (cum laude) degrees in Economics from Belarusian State Economic University and holds an MBA degree from Cyprus International Institute of Management. She has recently completed her doctorate studies at IE Business School (Spain). Professor Shymko’s main research interests include strategic alliances, corporate governance in emerging economies, business ethics and cross-sector collaboration in creative industries.


Job Title : Visiting Professor

Management Domain

Teaching in
Masters in General Management

Expert in
Corporate Governance
Business ethics
Governance & Ethics
Strategic Alliances
Cross-Sector Collaboration
Creative Industries


Articles in refereed journals with impact

  • Shymko Y. Roulet T.  2017. When does Medici hurt DaVinci? Mitigating the signaling effect of extraneous stakeholder relationships in the field of cultural production. Academy of Management Journal, 60(4): 13307-1338.

  • Farr-Wharton B. Brown K. Keast R. Shymko Y.  2015. Reducing creative labour precarity: beyond network connections. Management Decision, 53(4): 857-875.

Articles in other (un)refereed journals

  • Shymko Y. Diaz A.  2012. A resource dependence, social network and contingency model of sustainability in supply chain alliances. International Journal of Business excellence, 5(5): 502-520.

Book Chapters

  • Shymko Y. Minkus A.  forthcoming. The Conundrum of Power: Sintering Structural and Relational Perspectives in Business and Arts Organizations. In: Raviola E. Zackariasson P. Eds. Arts and business. Building a common ground for understanding society Routledge Taylor & Francis.

  • Shymko Y.  2015. The forgotten humanness of organizations. In: Mabey C. Mayrhofer W. Ed. Developing leadership - Questions Business School don't ask (pp. 67-77). Sage Publications.

Conference Presentations

  • Shymko Y. Gabaldon P.  2015. Less Diversity, More Equality: Human Capabilities Approach to Equal Opportunity in Organizations. Paper presented at The 75th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, August 7-11, Vancouver, Canada.

  • Shymko Y.  2014. Commercial and Philanthropic Exploitation as the Determinants of Corporate Social Action. Paper presented at Academy of Management Annual Meeting, August 3-8, Philadephia, United States.

  • Shymko Y. Gabaldon P.  2014. Less Diversity, More Equality. June 6-10, Berlin, Germany.

  • Shymko Y. Roulet T.  2014. The path dependence of Resource Dependence. Paper presented at Corporate Support and Strategic Inertia of Cultural Organization at EGOS, June 13-16, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

  • Shymko Y.  2014. Research for Management. Paper presented at Academy of Management Learning and Education Conference, June 3-4, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Shymko Y.  2011. Relational and contextual dynamics of strategic alliances in supply chain. Paper presented at 78th Academy of Annual Meeting, San Antonio, United States.

Conference Proceedings

  • Shymko Y.  2016. Cross-sector partnerships: from paternalistic to communication model of public goods' provision. (pp. 1-1).

Doctoral dissertation

  • Shymko Y.  2012. Cross-sector collaboration in the field of cultural production: objectification, implementation and consequences.